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ITP records is proud to release, for the very first time on compact disc, the 1971 classic album "Heavy", the only album ever recorded by the very talented Victor Buono.

Lew Bedell, founder of Dore Records, stated that , "This incredible giant of a man (intellectually, as well as physically), has not only given us a performance of moment in this album, but the literary genius of this creative man shall long be remembered."

When this album was originally scheduled for release over 30 years ago, Victor Buono was personally asked to write the liner notes for the project. His response was quite interesting.... "What are liner notes?" he asked. Victor was told that liner notes were informative statements concerning the recording artist and the recorded material.

And so, here is what Victor wrote:

CONCERNING THE ARTIST: "In 1938, of parents properly licensed to produce babies, I was born. I am now rich, famous, devilishly handsome and thirty-three years old....And I don't anticipate a time in the future when I shall be anything other than rich, famous, devilishly handsome and thirty-three years old."

CONCERNING THE MATERIAL: "This endeavor was written for my own entertainment. If record buyers are easily entertained as I, success is certain. There are many people involved in producing a successful album. If this album is a success, they too may become rich, famous, devilishly handsome and thirty-three. I share with them the glory and the risks. Writing good literary stuff ain't easy. How often have I sat up all night at my desk, pencil poised, waiting for my muse, to stumble home and whisper ideas in either of my four-pound ears, followed by this poem:

When flowers doze upon their loamy beds
And oaken sentries nod their noble heads
And piney cushions snug the cuddled fawns
And dewy gems bejewel the dreaming lawns,
I sit and wait in patience born of pain
For some sweet sonnet to ignite my brain.
And as Aurora lifts her rosey veil
My muse approaches ---haggard, had and pale.
Fetid, fingered, rancid, rank and frowzy,
No wonder all of my poetry is lousy!"

Victor Buono was without a doubt, one of the great character actors of the 1960's, 1970's and early 1980's. "In spite of the fact that he played extremely menacing villains, he was a gentle, kindly soul. Born in San Diego, California on February 3rd, 1938, Victor began acting in stock companies and on television before launching a successful career in films. His large girth and piercing eyes typed him mostly in villainous roles but he was unusually versatile in his acting abilities. And, as many came to learn, he was also a first class poet and raconteur. He also became very popular on the TV talk show circuit due to his wit and wisdom. He made several appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson which helped put this album on the map. He performed a special version of "Fat Man's Prayer", cut 12 (which did not appear on the original release) and sold over 60,000 copies the following week.

This CD is a one of a kind to add to any comedy collection!!

Victor Buono really gets a chance to show us a side that was only captured once in his entire career. The material is extremely clever and his intelligence and sophisticated poetic comedy really shines through on this very funny album!!